ItalVolley my first personal iOS App

After some years I’m able to publish my first App on AppStore, is not a killer App but is a field I was involved in another part of my life.

Is not my first one, because in my job I follow App weekly and publish it as B2B, B2C, etc, but it is the first one entirely designed and realised by me.

Till ten years ago I was a volleyball player, I participated in different local championships and I remember how was difficult to check other team results (Ok, I’m was not a Serie A player but this was a common problem 🙂 )

Now there are many websites to check these result, but I centralize it in a common App.
Also, I try to use a clear way to present it and put together women and men championships.
So I considered realizing ItalVolley, an App to track Volleybal championships for the Serie A1 women and men teams.
It is an iOS native App based on Firebase Firestore and Swift 5 and it is free of charge.

Feel free to suggest improvements and more…